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By combining superior construction product & excellent customer focus, we have proudly held the coveted STAR AWARD for THREE years straight!

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Our Mission Statement


“To provide the highest quality asphalt and concrete services possible at the best price possible.”


At T. Burke’s Asphalt and Concrete Paving Inc. we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service that we would expect at our own homes and businesses. Our focus is on your satisfaction. In fact, we believe in our skill and ability so much that we do not accept any payment until we actually do what we have promised to do. In this way, we take the risk away from you and squarely bear it on our shoulders where it belongs! We currently have an “A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureau which we are very proud of. Our staff members are committed to this level of excellence in everything they do. This begins with the actual planning of the driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or roadway, to its excavation, grading and preparation and ultimate installation in either asphalt or concrete. There isn’t any job too big or small for us.





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Areas We Service

We do most of our work in the Ann Arbor, Saline, Chelsea, Manchester, Jackson, Lansing, Plymouth, and Canton areas, but there isn’t a distance too far for us. We have even worked as far north as the U.P.! We are here to accommodate all of your paving and concrete needs no matter the distance!

Recycled Asphalt Millings (crushed or ground asphalt) — A low cost option!

At a fraction of the cost of traditional hot-mix asphalt, recycled asphalt millings may be an excellent alternative for either a driveway, parking lot or private road. After properly grading and compacting the area where ground asphalt is to be installed, we install it using our asphalt track paver and compact it with a double-drum vibratory roller for a professional and manicured job. Crushed asphalt is less expensive than hot-mix asphalt or concrete, is less dusty or muddy than gravel and provides greater compaction than limestone. Moreover, crushed asphalt requires little or no maintenance and even helps melt snow. Crushed asphalt is also good for the environment because it is 100% recycled.

Recycled Asphalt


A new asphalt driveway or parking lot usually has life span of about 15-25 years depending on its initial construction and preventative maintenance plan. Sealcoating is recommended every two years because of oxidation caused by the sun. Sealcoating is an important preventative maintenance step and will save you money in the long run. To learn more about sealcoating visit our “services” tab.

Pictometry— Using state-of-the-art aerial imagery to measure your drive!

We are now using the online software called Pictometry. Pictometry uses aerial imagery to help us get an accurate square footage and aerial views of your project/job location. Pictometry was exclusively for government use only the past 16 years, but since then they have branched out to construction contractors, insurance agents, utility companies, etc… Using this software we can give you timely, accurate and extremely precise estimates to keep you on or below your budget.