Asphalt Paving

Highest quality asphalt service at the best price possible.

Full Service Asphalt Paving Company

At T. Burke’s Asphalt and Concrete Paving Inc. we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service that we would expect at our own homes. Our focus is on your satisfaction. In fact, we believe in our skill and ability so much that we do not accept any payment until we actually do what we have promised to do. In this way, we take the risk away from you and squarely bear it on our shoulders where it belongs!

Our staff members are committed to this level of excellence in everything they do. This begins with the actual planning of the driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or roadway, to its excavation, grading and preparation and ultimate installation in either asphalt or concrete. There isn’t any job too big or small for us.

Services We Provide:

Asphalt Paving


Asphalt Paving Process

We can handle your project at all stages of the job. Here is what you can expect from a complete asphalt job:

Our experienced personnel are capable of grading everything from small driveways to large parking lots and roads. There is really no job to big or to small.

Consideration is given and care is taken to insure that water drains properly (e.g. away from garages on driveways and to catch basins on parking lots).

Gravel Installation
If needed, we can bring any amount of gravel to the job site and because we buy in such great volume we can pass considerable savings on to the homeowner or general contractor.

Application of Herbicide
(Weed preventative measure -In order to afford the greatest protection against broad leaf weeds possible, we spray weed killer on each prepared driveway even if we do not see any weeds.)

String-lining of driveway or actual painting-out of areas to be paved. (In order to provide more aesthetically beautiful driveway, parking lot or road.)

Our Asphalt:
You, as our customer, can be assured of the finest quality of asphalt obtainable. All of the asphalt we use is made according to standards and guidelines set forth by the State of Michigan’s Department of Transportation in order to insure consistent quality hot-mix asphalt.

We are never far from the nearest asphalt plant and monitor the heat of the asphalt we use to know for certain that we will get the degree of compaction necessary.

Our drives are compacted with a vibratory steel double drum roller before the asphalt is installed in order to insure the best base possible for installation.

Asphalt placement
We use state of the art self-propelled asphalt paving machines that lay a consistent course of hot mix asphalt. We generally install most paving jobs in two courses unless the home-owner or general contractor for good reason decides otherwise.

Additional Compaction
We compact each course of asphalt laid with a vibratory steel drummed roller to provide the greatest degree of compaction possible to insure the greatest longevity possible.

Residential Asphalt Projects